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Summer Massage Sale

  • Use promotional code “SUMMERSALE” for 20% OFF your 75, 105, or 135 minute session with Shantel. 25% OFF when session is scheduled by July 9th.

  • Sale ends July 31st. Session must be scheduled by end of sale.

  • After booking your appointment, there will be a follow up page. You must add the promotional code to the indicated notes section to ensure it is applied at time of service.

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Your Leading Orthopedic Massage Therapists

Lets Take Charge of Your Pain

Improve Performance

Maintain Balance

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Move Better - Feel Better

Pain Shouldn't Be The Norm, But The Exception.

Through research, continued education and hands on experience, Rice Massage Therapy's method of treatment has been developed over time using a combination of orthopedic massage techniques.  Through a detailed consultation and assessment, an individualized treatment session is created for every client. 

During the initial consultation, the therapist will take note of your daily activities, symptoms, overall posture/alignment and joint range of motion. With this information, the therapist can then assess fascial integrity and what combination of overly "tight" (shortened) or lengthened muscles the body may be presenting with. These structural variations in the body can be a result of spinal positioning through repetitive postures/movement patterns, lack of movement, stiff or hypermobile joints, injury and compensatory muscular weakness. Overall the nervous system needs help. Massage can be highly effective in alleviating pain and mobility restrictions stemming from these issues. 


Whether you are active or not, Rice Massage Therapy can help in re-establishing balance to the body, allowing you to return to and excel in whatever activities or sport you love most. 

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 Sessions are based off time scheduled, not a specific service. Some or all of these modalities may be used in your session. 

Treatment Modalities




Cupping Therapy



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As a bodybuilder, I didn't want just a "pamper" massage. I knew I had some areas I wanted extra work on and I knew I wanted someone with the knowledge and skill to address those areas.

I am so glad I found Ms. Rice and her strong knowledgeable hands. She did an amazing job. I booked 2 hours with her and never felt like it wasn't worth it. She was professional while at the same time personable enough to make the time relaxing and productive.

I will definitely be calling upon her skills again very soon. If you are in The Fort Worth area this is definitely worth your time and money.

Steve S.

Amazing. Not the typical "go through the motion" massage routine. Takes the time to study your body and customizes the massage. Very knowledgeable in kinesiology.

Elisabeth L. 

Ashley is a great therapist, she is very knowledgeable and knows every muscle that was causing me some problems. I had a pain in my shoulder that was causing some mobility issues, and as an active person this was bothering me a lot. After a few sessions with Ashley, I now have full mobility and no pain on my right shoulder, and I am back to 100%

I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a true sports related or just a relaxation/therapeutic  massage therapist

Thomas J.

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