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About Ashley 

Fascinated by the structure and function of the human body, thus a career in helping others was born!

Ashley has a strong background in human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics through her bachelors degree in Exercise Science: Clinical Health from the University of Texas at Arlington. From a young age, she has been active in a variety of sports, strength and conditioning programs, and working with a variety of athletes as a licensed massage therapist. With over a decade of experience in sport/fitness, she has an adept knowledge in the active body and the issues that accompany it. Over the next decade and beyond, her knowledge of the human body will continue to progress as she dives into the vast knowledge of fascial integration, the work of world renowned, Thomas Myers: Anatomy Trains. The key to unlocking and strengthening the body is through the connective tissue, fascia.  With so many  opportunities to learn more about the body and how each modality guides it further into balance, brings about the excitement of a kid in a candy shop! 


If you have struggled to find the right sport massage therapist to help treat your unique musculoskeletal needs, schedule your session today and experience the relief a balanced body can bring. 

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